I have created an Omega Sub Theme on my local environment and wanted to add more regions to the footer section. Regions should be similar to that of Postscript One-to-Postscript Fourth.

I may be unable to explain the problem properly hence i have taken screen-shots of what i intend to do and what am i doing to get it and the output.

How do i want the layout:
I want the regions Footer Links One, Footer Links Two, Footer Links Three, Footer Links Four to appear between:
Footer First and Footer Second.

Intended Layout

What settings have i done in http://localhost/AdEx/admin/appearance/settings/subtheme
All Settings

The actual Result is:
Actual result

Kindly help on how to achieve this layout.

Alternatively, i was thinking to get Footer Link regions under a seperate Zone and place 2 new zones above and below this zone with regions Footer First and Footer Second. Not sure if this is the correct way.

Kindly help. Thanks.

output.png15.85 KBsnaushads
settingsfullscreen.png68.37 KBsnaushads
intention.png46.83 KBsnaushads
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