I have created an Omega Sub Theme on my local environment and wanted to add more regions to the footer section. Regions should be similar to that of Postscript One-to-Postscript Fourth.

I may be unable to explain the problem properly hence i have taken screen-shots of what i intend to do and what am i doing to get it and the output.

How do i want the layout:
I want the regions Footer Links One, Footer Links Two, Footer Links Three, Footer Links Four to appear between:
Footer First and Footer Second.

Intended Layout

What settings have i done in http://localhost/AdEx/admin/appearance/settings/subtheme
All Settings

The actual Result is:
Actual result

Kindly help on how to achieve this layout.

Alternatively, i was thinking to get Footer Link regions under a seperate Zone and place 2 new zones above and below this zone with regions Footer First and Footer Second. Not sure if this is the correct way.

Kindly help. Thanks.