I need to add a pager to my slideshow but when I do the slides stop cycling. I've been messing with it for an hour or so without any luck and I've read the documentation. I'm out of ideas.

In the end I'm going to need it to look like the attached image.

Anyone out there have some thoughts? If so I'd really appreciate it.

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Do you have to try the latest 7.x-1.x-dev ? and whether there is any javascript errors.

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Thank you for getting back with me.

Yes I have the latest and no javascript errors. I'm guessing it's just a settings thing but I've been messing with the configuration without any luck.

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I've been messing it again without any luck. Anyone out there have any ideas?

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Make sure you're using the dev version -- 7.x-3.x-dev

I just updated to Drupal 7.22, and the pager disappeared from my slideshow; I realized I was using 7.x-3.0 not the dev so updated to the dev and now my pager is back.

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re-open if still an issue.