I was really excited to build my fist site using 3.1 because this looked like it would be so much easier than panels, display suite, etc. So Bravo for building this extension!!!

I am trying to use it though and it seems to do noting at all! I am guessing I may be missing something, but can't figure it out.

My temporary dev site is drupal.pbandt.com

I am using a subtheme based on the stock subtheme with very little done to it at this point.

I have browscap installed.

Here is how its currently set:

Sidebar First - Move to Highlighted

Highlighted - Do Not Move

Everything else - "unset" (which should hide)

This has NO effect on the site!

CSS aggregation is disabled. I cleared all caches. I tried multiple small screen devices and can see it loads the right gpanel layout, but no blocks move from regions as set above (or any other way I have tested).


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When I look at the homepage in my HTC phone it certainly looks different, some things are not showing for sure. I'll have to run some tests, its been a while since I tested with Browscap and last time it was a bit broken (the actual Browscap library and module had issues), which is actually why in the very latest versions of AT I am moving to rely a lot more on Mobile Detect module.

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I'm having the same issue as zanymonster. I've also tried using the browscap block module, but that doesn't work either--no hide on the region (block) in mobile display. You say the Mobile Detect module might work better?

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Well, it doesn't work with Mobile_Detect either. I must be missing something.

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Ah, went to the DEV version of AT and it works! Thanks for all of your work.

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Correct, the dev version has great support for Mobile Detect. Browscap has been broken for a long time, no one seems to be fixing it, it works sometimes and sometimes not, not the modules problem afaikt but an issue with the actual Browscap library I believe.

So the fix, use AT dev version and Mobile Detect.

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