hi, "Omega 4.x contains a rewrite (cleanup) of all of core’s CSS "
but , I still see 'system.base.css, system.menu.css,...' and all other core css when loading the page
how to make the cleanup working ? should I manually enter one by one on the "Exclude CSS files" option ?


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I'm not sure you've understood what we meant by "Core CSS Cleanup". We haven't removed CSS (or not much anyway), we have just improved it by making it easier to override, split it into more files etc. If you don't want to have any of core's CSS then yes, you can use the exclude CSS files option in the theme settings.

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yes, I want full cleanup like in omega 3 css exclusion checkbox

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Then you can basically use the textarea there (including * wildcards) to exclude all of core CSS / module CSS, whatever.

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