I am working for several years on thecenterofthenet.com . I am a teacher in China, and I am trying to create an open learning community. I use my site teaching my students, and also as a platform for the future of homeschooling my own 4 children. Right now I am wokring on the design still and really follow the form follows function ideaology. Id say that the functionality design is about80% complete, and I am trying to synchronize my childrens 7000 book library as a data model for all future data. There will be much more in the future. If any one wants to stop in, welcome. I love drupal and any comments welcome.


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You have clearly put a lot of work in to this but if I were you i would take a step back and have some reflexions on UX. There is much too much going on here for the eye to take in and the brain to hold on to. Its like going to a town square and looking at a notice board with 1000 ads and events posted on it. You are just going to give up immediately. Assume that everyone has ADHD. Good luck, its a nice idea and a good use of drupal.

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:) Thanks for taking to time to pay a visit and leave a reply. I completely understand your meaning. It is literally how I think a million things at once. The site is very complex. I know from the past years and the thousands of students input that it is very very busy :) I am working on simplifying it when able... while at the same time I am trying to allow huge amounts of functional access. I know that some things in the interface will continue to evolve for efficiency and ease of use.. But I am afraid it will always be very busy in one way or the other :) It requires special training to use for many of the students and there is definitely a learning curve to the interface...

But I hope with consistent development it will continue to be intuitive to the power users :)

I am looking forward to one day getting the SQL queries to be done by solr for increased efficiency.

Ah I cant say how much I love drupal. It seems with drupal the possibilities are endless L) Thanks again....