This is related to the core issue #1499532: Cannot programmatically specify node path alias language. The current code added in #1155132: Add Entity Translation support to Pathauto auto detects the language of the path based on the entity, preventing a programmatic setting of the language. I think Pathauto should respect $entity->path['language'] if it is present. Thoughts?

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Using $entity->path['language'] present first, then falling back to entity_language() seems reasonable.

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1016 bytes
PASSED: [[SimpleTest]]: [MySQL] 322 pass(es). View

Attached patch fixes the issue for me.

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I'm not entirely sure why this happens, but applying this patch to the stable version causes a side effect. I have a node with, say,

  [title] => basic title
  [nid] => 21
  [language] => es
  [title_field] => Array (
    [en] => Array ([0] => Array ([value] => english title, ...), ...)
    [es] => Array ([0] => Array ([value] => spanish title, ...), ...)

and autogenerated aliases (en/english-title and es/spanish-title). However, when I run this script:

  $node = node_load(21);
  $node->title_field[en][0] = "new english title";
  $node->path['pathauto'] = TRUE;
  $node->path['language'] = 'it';

I get

  [title] => new english title
  [nid] => 21
  [language] => es
  [title_field] => Array (
    [en] => Array ([0] => Array ([value] => new english title, ...), ...)
    [es] => Array ([0] => Array ([value] => new english title, ...), ...)
aliases: en/new-english-title and es/spanish-title

I noticed that this happened when the replacement pattern was [node:title] but not when it's [node:title_field]. Of course I should use the second one, but I don't think this should happen anyway. I managed to track down the issue up to the $alias = token_replace($pattern, $data, ...); in line 359 of the stable version. The titles change somewhere during that call. I know it's not a lot of info, but I can't test this in the dev version right now.


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q0rban patch works well for me, thanks, all my translated paths are created.

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The path may apply by running:

curl -sL | patch -p1
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Should I use this other patch together with this to have the pathauto patterns work with all languages (when using Entity Translation?

Or this is just a non-required add-on to that patch?

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I've been using this and it seems to work for my needs.