Dear All,
I wysiwyg+CKEditor to edit the body, but I found that when I type a long sentence and without type enter, it will not change to next line and it kept extenting(the text arear). Just like If I type in MS word, If the sentence is too long, it will auto change to next line for you. But In my case, it did change to new line...So when I view the page, the content become very long (in one line).

Thank you all~

Screenshot from 2013-06-29 00:55:08.jpg19.63 KBkplee9c
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Which Drupal [admin] theme are you using? Maybe the stylesheets form that theme are applying a different width property to the body tag and that accidentally overrides the style needed by CKEditor.

Can you use Firebug for FF, or the Developer tools in Chrome or IE to inspect the editing area and see which styles are applied on the body tag inside CKEditor's iframe? I think the body should have width: auto for this to work properly.

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No response from the original poster in quite a while, so I'm closing this. If anyone else comes across this problem then please do reopen the issue.