I have several problems with menu items that all reference the same node. When scanning the issues, I found out that others also have had similar problems. I have installed and activated Pathauto 5.x-2.0, Path 5.5 and Path Redirect 5.x-1.x-dev.
Example Menu structure without Path activated:
Primary links
- Item PL1 -> node/4
Secondary links
- Item SL1 -> node/6
- Item NV1 -> node/4
-- Item NV1.1 -> node/6
- Item NV2 -> node/4
-- Item NV2.1 -> node/6
Menu item display name -> pointing to node

  • If you click on "Item PL1" or "Item NV1" or "Item NV2", the node/4 will be displayed, but the menu for "Item NV1" will not be expanded nor for "Item NV2"
  • If you click on "Item SL1", the node/6 will be displayed, but the menu for "Item NV1" will also not be expanded nor for "NV2"
  • If Item SL1 was not pointing to node/6 (i.e. node/6 is only pointed to by "Item NV1.1") a click on "Item NV1" would expand NV1 and ItemNV1.1 would become visible and clickable.

What I expected drupal to do:

  • Click menu item referencing node/4: expand "Item NV1" and "Item NV2" and display node/4
  • Click menu Item referencing node/6: dito, display node/6

Example Menu structure with Path activated:
Primary links
- Item PL1 -> nv1 (-> node/4)
Secondary links
- Item SL1 -> nv1/nv11 (-> node/6)
- Item NV1 -> nv1 (-> node/4)
-- Item NV1.1 -> nv1/nv11 (-> node/6)
- Item NV2 -> nv2 (-> node/4)
-- Item NV2.1 -> nv2/nv21 (-> node/6)
Menu item display name -> pointing to URL-Alias (-> alias for node)
currently the same as above though I was expecting the following:

  • If you click on "Item PL1": "Item NV1" gets expanded because it uses the same URL-Alias, displaying node/4. Item NV2 gets not expanded, because of the different URL-Alias!
  • If you click on "Item SL1": "Item NV1" gets expanded because it contains "Item NV1.1" which uses the same URL-alias as "Item SL1", displaying node/6. "Item NV2" gets not expanded because of the different URL-Alias in NV2.1!
  • If you click on "Item NV2", only this item gets expanded, displaying node/4
  • If you click on "Item NV2.1", only "Item NV2" gets expanded and node/6 will be displayed

Of course the corresponding classes should be assigned to all nodes using the same URL-Aliases!

If you first assign the URL-Alias to the menu item and then define the URL-Alias, it may work. But if you edit any URL-Alias that point to the same node, it will fail then!

I'm confused, but I think Path redirect will help (with additional overhead!)


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Category: bug » support
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Same problems here... i want to reference a primary and secondary menu item to the same node.. The links works but the third level menu is not expanded.

Did you find a solution druppi ?

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Status: Active » Postponed (maintainer needs more info)

@druppi, @robbertnl Did you ever find any solution to this problem?

- Arie

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As I wrote: PathRedirect helps (for a workaround): Let ItemPL1 point to a url that pathredirect redirects to nv1.

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i am also using a workaround, i created a nodetype with a cck-redirectfield

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Status: Postponed (maintainer needs more info) » Fixed

Good to hear you both found a workaround.

I'm setting this to fixed. Feel free to reopen if you disagree with that.

- Arie

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Category: support » bug
Status: Fixed » Active

Don't agree. A workaround is not a fix! As long as the menu system lacks the required features I see this as an unfixed bug.

The maintainers may set this to won't fix, that would be ok.

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I agree with druppi, it's not a fix, use 'won't fix' instead if that's the case.

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And an interesting point might be that the workaround won't work in drupal 6. You can't add path redirect urls to the menu in drupal 6.

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Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)

Considering the lack of activity on this issue and that Drupal v5 is no longer supported by fixes or patches, I am going to close this ticket. If this issue still exists and you want to continue to ask for technical support, please reopen and update this ticket.