I use XAMPP with MySQL on the default port and Apache on ports 8080 and 4399. Even though 80 and 430 are not in use (new windows 7 ultimate installation on vmware) it still says they are so I changed them.

The "bitnami-drupal-7.22-0-module-xampp-windows-installer" always fails it's installation because it only works for port 80 and there is no way to configure it for port 8080 it seems.

So I did the manual installation:
- I disabled the Windows Firewall, installation dialogs, no virusscanner, etc.
- I Installed Apache & MySQL using Xampp on "C:\Xampp"
- I started Apache and MySQL in XAMPP
- I created a database "drupal"
- I created a database user with all rights called "drupal"
- I copied the default settings and named it settings.php
- I went to: http://localhost/drupal/install.php?profile=standard&locale=en
Database name:
Database user:
drupal and password also drupal
Database host:
Everything else I left default.

Error: "Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in C:\xampp\htdocs\drupal\includes\bootstrap.inc on line 2250"

Increasing the timeout to 999 or something high still timeouts. There must be some other problem. I can't find it in the logs.


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Database host:

You just told Drupal that MySQL is running on your HTTP port. Take out the "8080."

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When I remove the ":8080" I get an error:

Failed to connect to your database server. The server reports the following message: SQLSTATE[HY000] [1045] Access denied for user 'drupal'@'localhost' (using password: YES).

It seems that there is something wrong with the drupal user.

phpmyadmin privileges:
Users having access to "drupal_db"
User Host Type Privileges Grant Action
drupal % global ALL PRIVILEGES Yes Edit Privileges

I don't understand. I eventually got it working now using the user "root" with no password instead of the user "drupal" in the drupal-installation. I messed something up with the drupal user somehow... But for just testing this is probably sufficient. Thanks for the quick answer.

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I installed Xampp and did the same as napoleonite and got the same results. Also eventually got it running using root (but I had a password which I added when Xampp told me to. I had to install mysql using port 2375 because 80 didn't work (even with skype and teamviewer turned off) but as suggested above, I did not include this in my installation.

I suspect that when establishing a new user I did not give it enough rights but as this is a test site, its not a train smash!