Have been tasked with learning Drupal so figured the best way to do it would be to create my own site. Went with a humor site for techies: Tech4Days

Two things I can't figure out that maybe someone can help me with

1. The subheading breaks to a second line *way* too soon (there's plenty of room for it)

2. How do I make the items in the main menu smaller. Changing the "menu" in Appearance didn't seem to do anything.



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1) extend/set the width of the element in CSS
2) set the font size on the element in CSS to something smaller than the 1.5em in use now.

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Thanks, simple solutions. Being a bit new to Drupal, I've been somewhat afraid to change anything, but I suppose I can just make a VM image of my dev server, play around all I want and, if I screw up, just go back to the original image.