I'm a user with full administrative permissions in a Drupal 7.14 instance. I am able to access admin/reports/updates/update, tick the checkbox for each entry, etc. I am also able to (so far) execute any other site function since I have all permissions enabled.

When I click 'Download these updates' after ticking some update entries, I am taken to /batch?op=start&id=n where n equals a varying ID number. The problem is that the page at this stage says "Access Denied: You are not authorized to access this page." Thus, I'm unable to make any module updates.

This is an issue when executing any site function where the URL is /batch?
. Thus, I cannot manually check for updates, etc.

When viewing admin/reports/access-denied, 'batch' lists (at this time) 17 as the count.

Can anyone shed some light on this issue?


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8 versions behind the latest stable version. Have you checked all issues leading up to 7.22 which may have fixed your issue?

is the overlay module enabled?

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The overlay module is indeed enabled.

I checked all bug reports, but there were none relevant to this issue.

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and if the overlay.module is disabled does the issue continue?