Hey guys i've been creating a new site using the BlueMasters theme and i have been trying to recreate to section below the slideshow with the three separate divs.
I recently recreated it buy copying the information from the demo to my front page php file but what i need is for someone to be able to edit the information inside them, without any knowledge of coding. Is it possible and if it is could someone show/tell me how i can get three custom regions for blocks in the location of these divs for just the homepage or that so they just show on the homepage. That way instead of entering the code to put information in, i can just use the views module.
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The left and middle block could be achieved pretty simply as Views blocks. The first would display the content from the about page (in this case node 3) and the middle block would display the latest blog node. This is node content so it's editable by the user. The contact info on the right is fairly static so this could be a simple block.