I have about 5000 nodes that we initially did not allow commenting on. I now want to allow comments on them. How can I bulk update those nodes to allow comments? The module Mass Change sounds perfect but it is only for D5 & 6.


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You can do it with the help of views bulk operations by creating view of that content type and adding field "bulk operation content".


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Yes, VBO can do the trick with zero coding.
You will not find a "allow comments" action but there is a "modify entity values" action that you can choose comment status in the next step.

Set the value to 2 (numeric) to enable comments and read/write.
1 is read only, 0 is for disabled.

// Ayesh

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This did the trick. Took a good while to update that many nodes, but other than that perfect. Thank you very much. That is an awesome module.

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Also possible to bulk change through the database (I never had luck getting VBO to do anything other than give me a headache :)
This really only works if you have a distinguishing factor (one content type for instance, after a certain date, etc. This post gives you the queries you'd need to run (one for the node table and one for node_revision).