I upgraded to the new version of mollom since mine was not supported anymore. ran update.php and it reported the changes with no errors. but when I went back to the admin dashboard, site was blank with a few words saying I was in the dashboard. clicked status report and it reports that

Catalog vocabulary No vocabulary has been recognized as the Ubercart catalog. Choose one on this page or add one on the taxonomy admin page first, if needed.

  • Hierarchical Select Module weight incorrectly configured!
  • Images Click here to automatically configure the following items for core image support:

    The Image file field has not been created for products.

    Page title version Incorrect Schema
    It appears Drupal thinks the module is up to date, however the database schema is incorrect. Please uninstall and reinstall the module.

I have totally restored the database and the drupal install, including the files from the backup I did before the update
problem still exists.
This problem also effects all my subdomains. My subdomains are completely different sites with their own drupal install and own databases
the onlything they may share in common is the information_schema database. but I have never messed with that.
also they share php version running on server. 5.2
This update has killed my clients site and they are getting pretty upset, I can't get it back up even with the backed up database and files from when everything was working fine.... heeelpppp


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Can you explain why you think that this is related to the Mollom module in any way?

Did you see errors when running the Mollom database updates? If so, what were the error messages?

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During the update, it did not report any issues, it seemed as if all was okay. However, after the update I could not run cron, even manually. As I mentioned, a lot of things broke. When I disabled the mollom module, everything worked again, except Cron.
This is why I thought there may be an issue updating from 1.x to 2.x

As I spent hours rolling back the site, installing the old site on a new sub domain and new database then using backup migrate from before I did the update. The problem still existed, so I know it is not the mollom module now, but rather something happened with the server during the update.

The problem turned out to be, issues were caused by problems in Drupal cron not being able to run after updating the module. Part of the issue was that it was timing out while trying to insert data into the watchdog table, which I was able to resolved by increasing MySQL's wait_timeout setting from 30 seconds to 60 seconds.

The other part of the issue was that there was an entry in Drupal's database that was causing Drupal to think that the cron was in progress when it was not in fact running. I resolved this issue by running the following SQL query:

DELETE FROM variable WHERE name = 'cron_semaphore';

now all is back to where it was before the update. 1.16 ver of mollom. Seems the server had a hiccup. I will try the update again this week and let you know if it happens again.

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