Hi, I have an question related with Pinterest button. without Javascript the button fires a new window and takes some parameters (this behavior is ok) including media parameter, and I have understood that into the "media parameter" field (widgets interface > Pinterest) must be added the respective token, but in my case each content type has its own different field for the images, so how can I use a different token according each content type?.

According my review, this task could be implemented adding a conditional inside the ws_pinterest_button_tags function ( widget_services.module) but for me this is not a first alternative, due that implies a change to the service_links module. can you give me some idea about implement a different approach to handle different "media parameter" (tokens) according different content types?

thanks in advance.


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Just build your custom token or use this module: https://drupal.org/project/token_custom, seems you can make snippets with it

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Hi TheCrow, thanks for the guidance! I have no implemented the token_custom module, but I have followed your idea of custom tokens, so I have implemented a custom module with the hook_token_info() and hook_tokens(), thanks!!!

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@cigotete, can we change the status of this issue to "fixed", then ;-)?

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