Internet Explorer 9 and 10 not displaying ckeditor (untested with IE8). Where the editor should be is just empty space. I am using the latest dev and libraries.

Console reports the following.

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) 

The requested URL "/sites/all/libraries/ckeditor/plugins/oembed/libs/jquery.oembed.min.js?t=D2LI" was not found on this server.

Sure enough the oembed folder is not present although I am using the full version. Having read the plugin description at I can't see how it is related anyway.

Despite the missing files, ckeditor is fine with Chrome. For the moment I have reverted to the version three libraries and these seem to work okay with IE

Any pointers?


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Well I've just uploaded the seemingly missing plugin files and they make no difference.

There is progress though. IE10 Developer tools allow one to toggle between different browser versions and compatibility settings. It seems that ckeditor will work if the IE7 settings are selected!

This seems bonkers. Can anyone explain?

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Same problems for me. Did you find any other solution than changing the compatibility settings? Cheers kevin

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Priority: Normal » Major

Same problem here. Marking as major, as this renders the editor null for a large number of users.

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I don't think it is the IE compatibility settings as I've since managed to get other sites working.

I haven't yet had time to go through the elimination exercise, but wonder whether there is conflict somewhere with another module.

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As a temporary fix until I get this figured out, I placed the following code in html.tpl.php


  // This is a temporary fix to render node edit pages in Internet Explorer 7 because otherwise
  // CKEditor 4.x does not load properly.
  if(arg(0) == 'node' && arg(2) == 'edit') {
    print '<meta http-equiv="x-ua-compatible" content="IE=7" >';

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I have same issue with Drupal 6 (latest version of ckeditor and drupal core). Looking in developer mode I see the following error

SCRIPT5007: Unable to get property 'toLowerCase' of undefined or null reference
ckeditor.js, line 16 character 2118

I am using ckeditor 6.x-1.14 with Drupal core 6.28


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same problem with IE 10.0.92. Can this code be modified to include other versions of IE? Thanks

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This works for me in Drupal 6:

- wysiwyg module 6.x-2.4
- ckeditor module 6.x-1.14
- CKEditor ( 2013.02.20) (download)

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There seems to be a conflict (Drupal 7) with the FitVids module, Ckeditor and IE.
Using CKeditor 4.X and FitVids, Internet explorer is on display in IE7, but not in IE8, IE9 and IE10.

Anyone who uses the Fitvids module and the CKeditor should use version of the CKeditor.

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I'm glad that you got to the bottom of this, although it is a shame about Fitvids.

Are there any workarounds which would allow both to coexist?

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Here is a fork of FidVids.js on GitHub that works with IE8-10:

Edit: While the above script may work with IE8-10, it is not compatible with the FitVids module.

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Lines 123-129 of fitvids.module give a TODO:

  // TODO User should be able to choose which paths this should/shouldn't run on

  // Add the library reference
  drupal_add_js($path, array(
    'group' => JS_LIBRARY,
    'every_page' => TRUE,

Once that has been done, we can add node/*/edit as a path where it shouldn't be run on.

This, at least, is a way to circumnavigate the Fitvids.js bug while it is being hashed out by the community over on GitHub.

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I had the same problem Ralla

This works for me in Drupal 6:

- wysiwyg module 6.x-2.4
- ckeditor module 6.x-1.14
- CKEditor ( 2013.02.20)

It works now! Thanks!

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Issue summary: View changes

added additional info

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I had a similar issue with ckeditor not displaying on our development server in IE - but it did display for the admin account. I had "optimize css files" disabled on our dev server. When I enabled it ckeditor came back again. Just in case that helps anybody...

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Still seeing this issue. FitVids is NOT installed on our site. Have tried several combinations of both WYSIWYG and this module including latest dev versions of both modules and ckeditor library. Have tried older versions of the library. Still not working. Works fine in other browsers including FF and Chrome. Not seeing any errors in console or logs. Any ideas?

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I'm having same issue with CKeditor not showing in IE11 when FitVids module is installed. When I disable FitVids, CKEditor shows up in IE11. Currently have FitVids disabled.

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For those that are experiencing this due to having the fitvids module enabled here's what to do to fix it:

1. Go to edit the fitvids configuration page: admin/config/media/fitvids
2. Change the video container value from 'body' to '.field-type-text-with-summary .field-item'.

If your theme uses different classes than '.field-item', then use one that comes before the video embed but after the '.field-type-text-with-summary'. What you're trying to do is target a container that is used on the node display layout and not on the node/edit and node/add forms.

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Unchecking the 'Aggregate JavaScript files.' in Configuration -> Development -> Performance fixed this for me on my Drupal 7 sites on IE 9.