What is the best way to set this up:

- I have to make 8 Drupal sites. All sites have the same theme/template (based on Bootstrap).
- All sites has their own URL (mysite.nl // mysite.de // mysite.be // mysite.no etc etc).
- Basically the content and menu's are the same but sometimes the menu's and content is slightly different. For example on the frontpage i list some products. The amount of products for each country is different.
- All sites need to have their own language

So how do i set this up and what is the best way?

It's important i choose the best way from start because it's a big project.

Thanks a lot!


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It sounds like it should be one site, with languages coupled to their respective top-level domains. You can support the basics of this already with Drupal core Locale module - you can define a domain for each enabled language and use this for 'detection and selection'.

Then there are a lot of other things to consider for the rest: are you going to use the node-based translation or entity translation, will you use translatable menus, or use a different menu per language, etc. etc. You can probably control what products show op on which domains just by choosing in what language you publish the products in - language detection can do the rest.

I highly recommend doing a lot of reading in advance - start with the Internationalization handbook and also read these related external links.

Also keep in mind that entity translation was added to Drupal 8 core, so migrating from 7 to 8 in the future might be easier if you choose to go the entity translation route now.