How can I load the galleria-1.2.8.min.js from here:

or this:


I found this in the galleria.module and since I am no expert in php I would need some help loading the js file from the link above.

 * Returns the JavaScript file of the Galleria core.
 * Uses a cached filename until this file gets deleted or the cache gets cleared.
function galleria_get_library_file() {
  $cache = cache_get('galleria_lib_file');
  if (($cache !== FALSE) && file_exists($cache->data))
    return $cache->data;

  // Search for library file
  $libpath = libraries_get_path('galleria');

  // Seach for minimized files first.
  // Sort the found files to use the newest version if there's more than one.
  $js = glob($libpath . '/galleria-*.min.js');
  if (count($js) == 0)
    $js = glob($libpath . '/galleria-*.js');

  if (count($js) > 0) {
    cache_set('galleria_lib_file', $js[0]);
    return $js[0];
  else {
    // Could not find JavaScript library
    return FALSE;

Thanks a lot!