Hi All,
I'm using Meta Tags module, it's great, but I've a problem to set Meta Description and Keywords for multilingual front page.


www.mysite.xxx/en -> dedicated description and keywords in front page english version
www.mysite.xxx/it -> dedicated description and keywords in front page italian version

Can anyone to say to me how to configure easily these meta tags for all language about front page? It's very strange that in this nice module this action is so difficult...

Thanks in advance.



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If you use the i18n_strings submodule of the i18n module you can translate any of the default settings, including the settings for the homepage.

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Hi Damien,

thanks for your fast answer, I will try it soon.

I've found another solution: using context module.

1) installed context module
2) create two "Add a meta tag by path" items from meta tags module
3) modify them directly from context module: add another condition for each (language = italian and language = english)

Paths: for twice is equal to "node-1".

Done. Five minutes and all is ok now.

Thanks for your support.


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The provided way using the i18n_strings module does not work. The metatags show up as a text group but after a refresh of the strings, you cannot find any strings within the translation interface.

After having a look at the code and the description of "hook_i18n_string_info". The metatag module does provide the info about the group but does not provide the strings itself.

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Title: Meta description and keywords for multilingual frontpage » Incomplete i18n_strings integration means front page translations don't work
Category: support » bug
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Component: User interface » Multilingual/intl
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Another partial solution for description tag in multilanguage site,

use Site Slogan (is a multilanguage variable) to load a different description for every language in Front page settings.

Is a dirty solution, I Know!

I hope developer will find a solution to emulate D6 version, returning to use only node meta tag setting also for ones promoter to front page!


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Same problem here. The solution based on the i18n_strings module doesn't work for me.

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This is a temporary fix until this problem is fixed in the Metatag module:

Add this code to one of your modules (or to the template.php file in your theme):

// Implements hook_html_head_alter
function YOUR_THEME_NAME_html_head_alter(&$head_elements) {
  global $language;
  if(drupal_is_front_page()) {
    switch ($language->language) {
      case 'es':
         $head_elements['metatag_description']['#value'] = 'your spanish meta description value';
      case 'fr':
         $head_elements['metatag_description']['#value'] = 'your french meta description value';


Change YOUR_THEME_NAME for your theme name and change the language codes and the meta description values to those who fit your needs. This will change the meta description value in the front page for the languages included in the previous code.

Hope this could save someone's day until the fix arrives from the module mantainers.

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Many thanks, GoddamnNoise!

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Any updates here? I'm observing the same thing as codewhisper. The metatags show up as a text group but after a refresh of the strings, I cannot find any strings within the translation interface.

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I'm working on this problem in #2564483: Cannot translate metatags after last update anymore, so far the meta tags for global:frontpage are translating correctly, but there's more to go.