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I am having an issue where I am pulling an image into my slide with a 'link to content' feature added. This gets pulled through to my view just fine. I have made sure that the anchor around the image is then 100% width and height of the container so the whole image should be clickable.

However, with touch feature added in UI, the slides are no longer clickable in MOBILE DEVICES. Is that just default behaviour? Are the buttons somehow overlaying the slides completely making them unselectable? Or is there a way to make these links clickable?

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Having the same issue.

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Can you provide a link / example?

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Unfortunately mine is in a protected development environment but I will see if I can provide you access. For my purposes I found that if I turned off the Next/Previous I got the functionality back so I set the .flex-direction-nav {
display: none !important;} on touch devices. Not a fix as we lose the directional cues but where they already have swipe and I am only using 10 slides, it works for me.

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i've found a solution for this problem. The problem is that the FlexSlider library use a parameter called "animation" but the module uses a parameter called "animating". For this reason the library going in crash.
So, i add a behaviors into the .js file of my theme and i add a new definition for flexslider adding the right parameters:

animation: "fade",

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Did you guys find a solution for this? Have the module or library been updated to reflect this?

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I'm having trouble with this as well. Touch doesn't seem to work on iPhone. More importantly, I cannot click on my links in the flexslider. After disabling the nav arrow as stated above using .flex-direction-nav {display: none !important;} I was able to click on the links, but still not able to scroll. The arrows themselves don't even work very well either. Any suggestions?

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I am also having an issue with a button in my caption not working on iOS devices, works fine on Android. I will try now to remove the next/previous buttons through CSS and see if that works for me.
To try this out look at this URL LogPower
Actually have only tested on iPhone.

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Same here. Any solid solution for that?

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I got mine working by turning off flexslider direction navigation in CSS for touch enabled devices only.

.touch .flexslider .flex-direction-nav {
  display: none !important;

Issue was that the area for detecting the directional navigation was covering the button. Worked on Android but not iOS. With it removed, touch devices can still navigate via a swipe gesture.

You need a means of detecting touch enabled devices. I use modernizr.js

I hope that helps.

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I think I can also add the css based on media screen size, right?

Such as:

@media only screen and (max-width: 300px) {
.flexslider .flex-direction-nav {
  display: none !important;


I'll give it a try.

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