Hi All,

I have a view created with views slideshow where featured content is being shown in a rotating display. This is pretty normal and have seen this many times and am using this on many sites.

This particular site, however, has 2 items per slide. So there's a normal news feed with items listed top to bottom in rows and above this feed is two featured articles rotating through the total number of featured articles (sorted randomly).

With just one item per slide it makes no difference how many items the view is cycling through as it is seamless and just goes back to the start once it reaches the end and the user knows no different, but with 2 items, the number of items needs to be even or the last slide shows just one item (with white space where another item should be)

So for example, if I have 5 featured articles:
Slide 1 shows item 1 and 2
Slide 2 shows item 3 and 4
Slide 3 shows item 5 and blank
(then rotates back to slide 1)

This looks a bit weird and was wondering if there was a way around this - short of ensuring there is always an even number of content items tagged for this view.

FYI I've tried both the views random sorting and the jquery random slide option but this makes no difference, if there's only 5 items to display, 3 slides are generated with the last slide having a blank space.

Any thoughts?

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Hi I run into the same issue and added an option to fill in the slide with items from the first slide, the problem is that after last slide you will see the same items again, though you can try using randome to avoid this. For me is an easy fix to avoid either blank space or roller coaster in my content page. :)

hope it helps.


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PS: you need to use jQuery Cycle random option to achieve this oc.

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I will give this a crack and get back to you - thanks mate!

The doubled image (i.e. first slide showing as the filler on the last slide and on the first slide when the slideshow restarts) may be an issue for people using sequence slides but I'm using random so should be fine.

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jquery.cycle can't do this (without a lot of work). jquery.Cycle2 can. There is a sandbox for that but I don't know it's status (on my list of things to investigate).