I have a page which dinamically output the html code and some tags (title, description, keywords and so on..)
How can I disable the Nodewords default tag for this node?
At the moment I have 2 meta tag description, 2 meta tag keywords etc.
Thanks for help!


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Are you saying that you have something else outputting meta tags besides Nodewords? Is there a reason to not use Nodewords for these pages too?

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Yes Damien,
i have a page (node/xxx) which content is overridden by a customized template (page-node-XXX.tpl.php). The title and the description metatag are created dinamically from a DB.
The same page (node) produces different outputs and different metatags according some parameters which I pass it. So i need to override NodeWords metatag and the question is: can I "say" NodeWords" to skip a specific node?
Stefano from Italy (sorry for my bad english)

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Title: Exclude NodeWords tags from specific node(s) » Exclude NodeWords tags from being output on specific node(s)
Version: 6.x-1.14 » 6.x-1.x-dev
Component: Miscellaneous » Tag editing
Category: support » feature

There is no current way of doing that, so lets change this issue to a feature request.