Ability to change the port from 35729 to something else would be handy when having livereload-server running on the server with multiple websites, as you can define a port using livereload.



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There are similar options in the Load from Drupal section. I could just move them up as shared configuration options. If the maintainer agrees.

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Sure! Show me what you got :) Always open for constructive patches

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I ran into the multisite issue and decided a slim solution is better than no solution... Here's a quick patch for setting the port from variable that can be configured in settings.php. Like this: $conf['livereload_js_port'] = '35730';.

Sorry, I didn't put effort into making it configurable from the admin UI.

Tried it on 7.x-2.0 (I can post patch for that if someone wants it), does the job.