I just tried switching to 3.x branch (D6) to try to solve an issue where the Chrome browser display is very broken up in 2.x.
I tripped up on the missing Slideshow Singleframe. I did some searches and found it is no longer part of the module. Hence it would make good sense to alter this message in views_slideshow_plugin_style_slideshow.inc
'#markup' => t('There is no Views Slideshow plugin enabled. Go to the !modules and enable a Views Slideshow plugin module. For example Views Slideshow Singleframe.', array('!modules' => l('Modules Page', 'admin/modules'))),

The D7 3.x version still has the same message too.


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I have to add that after upgrading to 3.x (and switching to Cycle) the Chrome Browser issues I used to have, have all gone away! Great module, thanks very much.

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Where is the views_slideshow_singleframe module? How do you added? views_slideshow-7.x-3.0 does not contain this module. And cycle module is not works with views_slideshow_slider

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Yes, very confusing! I'm still wondering if there is a Singleframe for the 3.x branch.

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Support for Views Slideshow 6.x is mostly deprecated (ie bug fixes and major errors may be looked at and security issues, but not really anything else), so closing.