Hello Guys,
as I wrote:
in node.tpl.php I gave the following code:

<?php $geschlecht = $node->field_geschlecht['und'][0]['value'];?>      
	<?php if($geschlecht == '1'):?>
	<div class="dog_martin">
	<?php print $title." its a male";?>
	<?php else: print " it's female";?>
      <?php endif; ?>

As long as the first if condition is used, everything works fine. When the else is used, or elseif (doesn't matter), it prints the correct sentence.
But: corolla interprets the design as mobile. As a result the sidebar was gone. I had to look for with firebug, then I diminished my browser and the sidebar was below content! Absolutely strange. The content itself behaves absolutely normal as expected.
Does anybody knows what could be happened. I even don't know what to look for in Google!???

I'm awaiting your hypotheses, because I absolutely don't know what it could be....

One foto if, one foto else case. I only switched the trigger for demonstrating...

THX in advance,


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Männchen.png163.74 KBmaen
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