thanks for your distribution and sorry for my bad english.

i am learning features and i get confused with the features that you include in Kickstart. if i override one of your features because i change some configuration (as for example blog), how should i make, if you change something on your features in Kickstart future versions, for being able to use them and dont loose my changes?
or if i misunderstood something, please, tell to me.

thank you for any tip :)


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in a fresh install (multilingual and without the demo store) i get that the "Commerce Kickstart Lite Product" is overridden. i have the diff module installed, so i can see the differences, such us:

Line 1	origin 

Line 1 database
 	+	_info_file_ctime = 1370693860


Line 16	origin 

Line 16 database
+	 'settings' => array(),

Line 129 origin

Line 129 database
+	 'entity_translation_sync' => array(
 	 	+	 0 => 'fid',
 	 	+	 )

Line 137 origin
-	 'label' => 'hidden',
-	 'module' => 'image_delta_formatter',
-	 'settings' => array(
-	 'image_style' => 'product_thumbnail',
-	 ),
-	 'type' => 'image_delta',

Line 137 database
+	 'label' => 'above',
+	 'type' => 'hidden',

and some others that you can see if you make the fresh install..
should i revert components or recreate the feature?
or maybe it have not been recreated the feature in the distribution?

any tips on the way to make this are welcome. thanks a lot :)

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also i am getting when trying to export in Realm variables: variable_realm

Notice: Undefined index: module in variable_realm_features_export() on line 35 of /sites/all/modules/contrib/variable/variable_realm/variable_realm.features.inc

they say it is a bug in variable features...

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i am trying to document for other people that is new in features or has some problem with it in the commerce kickstart distribution.

in mine, the features ui was so slow because of ajax calls.
i could not work and lost some hours.
the module https://drupal.org/project/ftools solved it, since you can disable them.

i hope it helps someone :)

edit: i would suggest to incorporate to the distribution to facilitate usability for people that uses ui and not drush.

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i am trying to bring the products that i have created from the old version with the demo store to the new version without demo store.
i recreated and downloaded the product feature in the demo store "commerce_kickstart_product" with my products.
i copy it in the new installation one, in my module custom folder.
cleared cache but it doesnt show in the modules page or in the features to enable.
do i have to change the commerce_kickstart_product.info file to give another name?
can someone tell to me what am i doing wrong, please?

also i saw that in the profile there is a folder with the "commerce_kickstart_product". is there some code for it not to show?

now i have to make other things, thanks for any help :)

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Status: Active » Fixed

If you want to export changes made to a Kickstart feature, you should use https://drupal.org/project/features_override
This will allow you to revert the default Kickstart features when Kickstart is updated, while still keeping your own changes.

You cannot move default Kickstart features from install to install, Commerce Kickstart Product and Commerce Kickstart Product Lite are parallel features and they conflict with each other, which is why you can't see Commerce Kickstart Product on a "no demo store" install (Commerce Kickstart Product Lite is already installed there).

The fact that you see certain features as overridden immediately after install is because of Features bugs, I'm afraid.

If you want to learn more about this problem space, I have a blog post about it: http://bojanz.wordpress.com/2013/06/12/using-features-for-install-profiles/

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thanks bojanz for your help.
so, for what i understand, in my demo installation i have to create a new feature with my products and then import it to the lite site. then investigate with override module to be able to integrate with lite product.

other thing that i have to learn is the order that i import features...
do i import users first and then products with permissions? or doesnt matter?

next weekend i will try to work more on this. now i have to resolve other thing in another site.
thanks very much for your teaching :)

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You cannot export products with features, only product types and their fields. Not sure if that's what you meant :)

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thanks again :)
yes i know. then i have to use migrate module. but for me it is a bit confusing what to export (do i include product rules? variables? etc...) i am going to use your product feature to follow what to export and learn for there (probably conflicts with product light). but i think it is worth to learn features, so next week i will keep learning.

have a good sunday :)

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