Myself and a friend are looking to build a Drupal theme that uses Flat UI ( Flat UI is built on top of Twitter Bootstrap, so my question is, what would be the best approach for integrating it with this theme?

Would creating a subtheme as described here: and then including the additional Flat UI js libraries make the most sense? Obviously we could take a more ground-up approach and create a new theme entirely (not leveraging the Drupal bootstrap theme).

From what I can tell, the biggest thing that Flat UI introduces is some form element styling (which depends on a few JS libraries) along with it's own set of less files.

Any advice is very much welcome.


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I can't tell how extensive the changes are from a typical Bootstrap theme (Ex: Bootswatch). But yes, theoretically you should just be able to include the extra css/less/js and/or overwrite existing Bootstrap library files via the bootstrap_subtheme. Perhaps I'll obtain a copy of the UI and test the implementation.

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We've decided to simply integrate the Flat UI JS libraries and CSS into the bootstrap theme because of how much groundwork is already laid.

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Are you currently working on this? My team would be happy to collaborate as we need to use the designmodo flat ui stuff also. Any updates or how we could help in the process would be great.

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I'd also be interested in this if you're planning to release any code. Happy to contribute fixes/changes back to a central project also.

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Ok, this is cool to see some interest. I will try to get a sandbox setup for this so that others can help contribute.

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Perhaps a github repo would work for this purpose seems a little better for collaborative working than drupal's repos.?

It's also worth noting that Bootstrap 3.0 is flat ui based so it may be a better base than Bootstrap 2.32

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Yeah I was thinking github as well. However, I wasn't aware that Bootstrap 3.0 was taking a flat design approach. It might make the Designmodo Flat UI integration unnecessary?

Edit: Looks like Designmodo will be updating Flat UI for Bootstrap 3. (

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FWIW, I agree that BS3 is probably going to be very similar. However, regardless of what ever decision or direction y'all decide on, it sounds like this issue is starting to take on a life of it's own. Closing (out of the issue queue) accordingly. Feel free to keep commenting there though :) Glad to see the discussion.

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Are there any results? Maybe sandbox project, github repo, or just a post describing which files are needed and which could be thrown out?