I wasn't sure if i should post it here or in the boost issues list. :)

The problem i have is this, I use boost. In my product displays i have product variations. If i am logged in and select a variation the form is loading correctly using ajax and updates the price.

If i am anonymous user in some displays with variations when i select one the ajax doesn't return the new form. In the logs i see this message "invalid form post data"

Any suggestions on that?



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Hi dianikol,

I had same problem, with this.

So Drupal caching the form 6 hours (this is hard coded) with "form_xyz_something_id_zxy" form_build_id in database. If cron run and the the form caching time is expired, Drupal will erase from it from cache_form table. BUT in the generated boost file contains the product variation form with form_xyz_something_id_zxy form_build_id.

If a Drupal form using ajax it will try to get it from cache (includes/ajax.inc, line 32x: If $form cannot be loaded from the cache, the form_build_id in $_POST must be invalid, which means that someone performed a POST request onto system/ajax without actually viewing the concerned form in the browser.), but cron will erease it early from cache_form table.

What you can do to decrease the boost generated files lifetime to under 6 hours, set up cron to run hourly, and enable boost crawler.

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@riskogab answered so setting to fixed. Otherwise try with latest version of Kickstart and Boost. Reopen if you are still experiencing problems, though I think the people in the Boost issue queue are probably better at answering this.

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This seems to be related with default maxlifetime for form cache in Drupal 7 core. Below link shall give you a correct direction:


patch recommended: https://www.drupal.org/files/drupal-ajax_form_cache-774876-14.patch