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Altering the menu list is messy.
See #2004428: Less ugly operations altering.

Also, this is probably already intended to be done as part of converting to configuration and entities.

$form_id 'filter_admin_overview'

Proposed resolution

Use EntityListController for formats

Remaining tasks

User interface changes


API changes



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Issue tags: +D8MI, +language-config

Indeed, looks like from filter.admin.inc, neither the list nor the format editing is handled with entity controllers. Surprising! Looks from the code only filter_admin_overview() and filter_admin_overview_submit() are involved in the list, so this should be a relatively easy change.

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BTW I looked at #1781372: Add an API for listing (configuration) entities and related issues whether there was already an issue for this, but could not find one.

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I *knew* there should be an issue for that, thanks!