Just what the title says. I work on Intranet sites all day and they all have the problem with regard to files in Drupal. There is no good way to upload a file and associate it to a menu item. I envision you could expose a menu just like node currently does except instead of viewing the file entity it just downloads the file when the menu item is clicked.


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I think that this is best left up to another contrib module à la File Entity Revisions which could be mentioned on the File entity project page.

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For what is worth, my work around is to set up a content type called "File Redirect" and then use the https://drupal.org/project/rabbit_hole module which contains a submodule for File Entity integration.

In my "File Redirect" content type I have the following fields:
1. Title
2. File Field which uses the Media browser (named field_redirected_file)

Then I set the rabbit_hole settings to redirect the full node view to [node:field_redirected_file] using a 301 redirect.

So when someone needs to add a link to a file in a menu they would need to create a "File Redirect" node.

Hope that helps