I'm running the latest drupal 7 site.
The problem started from ckeditor 4.0, now i'm on 4.1.2
I've tried the latest ckeditor dev module also

*** In the print screen below, the skin is kama even though its ckeditor 4.1.2

The problem is that when the ckeditor textfield is inside a vertical tab(field group module) on my HE site, the text is not shown when i toggle to the the tab nor the textarea is editable until i reload the page or touch the "source" button.

It doesn't matter which text format i'm at(as long as it support ckeditor).

The problem occurs only on chrome and when i put a default language of HE(if i toggle it to EN there is no problem)

I've added a print screen so people can understand my problem better

ckeditor_not_shown.jpg133.13 KBdoronsever


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Same problem with D6

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changed english to be better