I would like to force users to send messages only to the authors of nodes, I already have the link in nodes and disabled the autocomplete field.

But in the page /messages appear the link "Write a new message" and in messages/new the field still working, I would like to disable or hide the link Create a new message.

thanks in advance

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Here's a patch. Let me know if this works for you.

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Thanks, it works...

Firstly didn't work, only hide the link in the block and not in the "/messages" page, for me this link did appear below the page title.

I notice that this link was in the action links, so I comment it in page.tpl and then disappear, but something weird, after uncomment it again the link don't appear again.

I clear the cache after apply the patch and after comment and uncomment the action links in page.tpl

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At RAFA3L-- I don't really understand whether it worked for you or not. You said it didn't work at first-- did you apply the patch and then clear the cache, and it didn't work? If so, there is something wrong with it...

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Sorry, yesterday was to late...

The problem is that I'm using a Zen subtheme and in page.tpl print the "action-links", so the Write new Message link appear in the content of the page Messages, path "/messages". To avoid show the link I must comment or delete print render($action_links) and I don't know for now if this will cause a problem in some part of the site where the action links must work.

In the Messages block the link is disabled fine.

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Status: Needs review » Needs work
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Ok, looking at this closer, I don't see an easy way to patch this. However, there is code that you can use to fix this problem here:


(scroll down to the comments for the D7 version)