I'm developing a site using views exposed filters.

On some pages an exposed views filter is used, and the url contains both parameters for the fitler (book type) and custom parameters (bid) as shown in the image below.

Initial page view

If a filter is applied using the exposed filter the page is redisplayed but the custom bid parameter is removed as shown below.

Page after filter applied

On these pages it is essential the 'bid' parameter remains in the URL as there is some 3rd party javacsript processing that is triggered by the presence of the bid in the url.

Is there any way I can customise the views processing so I can add the 'bid' parameter back into the url after the filter has been applied? and before the page is redisplayed?

The site in question is http://hoz.shamwana.co.uk/books/doppler?field_book_type_value_1=E-Book&b...

Many thanks



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Did this get solved ?

See my modules

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No I never found a solution to this problem. In the end I had to write some custom code to intercept the views exposed filter processing and add my custom url parameter