i'm new here and i have a problem.

i want to create a own theme, but drupal don't use my templates, i emptied cache, no change
i have an html.tpl.php and a page.tpl.php file.

Maybe its a small thing but i dont' see it.

any hints?


name = name
description = name A Bootstrap theme.
core = 7.x
engine = phptemplate

; Stylesheets
stylsheets[all][] = '/css/style.css'
stylsheets[all][] = '/bootstrap/css/bootstrap.css'

; Regions
regions[navigation]     = 'Navigation'
regions[header]         = 'Top Bar'
regions[highlighted]    = 'Highlighted'
regions[help]           = 'Help'
regions[content]        = 'Content'
regions[sidebar_first]  = 'Primary'
regions[sidebar_second] = 'Secondary'
regions[footer]         = 'Footer'

; Scripts
scripts[] = 'bootstrap/js/bootstrap.js'


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ok on an other forum i've got the solution.

my problem was that i'm used a directory /templates for my new selfmade templates, but in the upper directory was an old page.tpl.php

so now ist working fine.