I am trying to get the text body for each image to display on the each image in the slideshow using CSS. I managed to get the title displayed where I want it however cant seem to get the body to appear at all.

I am using drupal version7.22
Zen theme
current website: www.otinvestigations.com

When I use firebug to check the CSS it shows that it is using the correct CSS but it is no where to be seen on the page.
Can someone point me in the correct direction.

A smaller issue that I haven't looked into yet is on the Main menu navigation bar I am trying to make the hover background cover the whole blue background that is currently there and not just the text area. I am using Nice Menus right now but if it can be done without it that is fine too.


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Looking at the generated html, the body field is present but always seems to be empty. Are you sure the nodes have body text?

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Yep, the body fields seem to be empty.

For the hover background of the menu items you'll have to remove the padding around the menu and instead add padding for the element that has the hover background (the link).