Please excuse me if I am posting this in the wrong forum - I am newbie on this site - but I wondered whether anyone from Drupal.org can help me?

I recently made a video about Drupal and its many benefits, with the support of the Drupal Association and the Brighton (England) group, which has been very well received around the world.

I've noticed that Drupal.org does embed some videos on their site and I thought that if our one could be embedded there it would be of great interest and help to their community.

Therefore I was wondering who I would need to contact at the Drupal.org to ask if they might be interested?

Many thanks in advance for any help or guidance people can give me here.


Best wishes

Philip Berman
Larchmont Films


WorldFallz’s picture

That's awesome! I would re commend creating a handbook page (every d.o user can) for it with some descriptive text -- maybe in the Understanding Drupal section with a link to the video. Then, create an issue in https://drupal.org/project/content to get the HTML added for displaying it.

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