Last updated June 15, 2013. Created on June 15, 2013.
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  1. Fixed threshold issues

    select pic.nid, min(pic.comment_number) as fixed_comment, from_unixtime(pic.timestamp) as fixed_date, from_unixtime(n.created) as posted, datediff(from_unixtime(pic.timestamp), from_unixtime(n.created)) as age_at_fix
    from project_issue_comments pic
    inner join node n on n.nid = pic.nid
    inner join project_issue_priority pip on pip.priority = pic.priority
    where -- core
    and pic.priority in(1, 4) -- critical, major
    and pic.category in ('bug', 'task') 
    and pic.rid=572834 -- 8.x
    and pic.sid = 2 -- fixed
    group by pic.nid
    order by pic.timestamp desc

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