Hi People,

i have the same request in the german forum (for those who can read it http://www.drupalcenter.de/node/46786).

How can i access the Installation Routine of the second site of a Multisite Installation (sites/oldjoomla.com)
without changing the domain oldjoomla.com to my drupal installation.

I want to replace an existing joomla site with a brand new Drupal site. I am running a Drupal site, so i want to include the new site as second site as part of the multisite feature.
On the other hand i want the domain oldjoomla.com showing the existing joomla site as long as i am building the
new page.

So my issue is, how do i access the installation without pointing the domain to my drupal folder. Both sites are hosted on different servers on different hoster in different countrys.

Or is there any other good way to keep the old site running, develop the new one, copy the files somehow,
change DNS and go live?

Thank you dear community for all your help in the last 5 years.

Greetings from summer germany


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A lot of people develop a site on a local machine. I see no reason to think that using multi-site makes this more difficult.

I do not really understand the logic of wanting to use multi-site. In my experience the problems with multi-site greatly outweigh the advantages. Other regular contributors here are also not very enthusiastic about multi-site.

On the assumption that you have a good reason for wanting to do things this way, I would comment that running a Drupal site on a remote server without a domain name is certainly possible but somewhat inconvenient. Why not take the easy way out and make the site with a different domain or sub-domain? E.g. you might make it at drupal.oldjoomla.com and migrate the site to the domain you want to use when you ready to go live. In tany event it is living dangerously to run a Drupal site without a development site, so long term the easiest thing is to have a distinct dev domain.