When using this module with Drupal 7, and viewing it on Chrome, I'm seeing the background as flat black. I changed the opacity down to 0.3, but it doesn't actually do anything - My guess is some part of the fade in/face out code is sending the opacity to 1.0 and then it gets stuck there, but I'm not having any luck figuring out where.

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More data.

1) I'm using the modal ability, so it's lightmodal.

2) It _is_ the fadeIn on line 302:

    if (lightvideo && this.detectMacFF2()) {
      $("#lightbox2-overlay").css({'opacity' : null});
    else {
      $("#lightbox2-overlay").css({'opacity' : Lightbox.overlayOpacity});

When I replaced that last fadeIn with:

$("#lightbox2-overlay").fadeTo(Lightbox.fadeInSpeed, Lightbox.overlayOpacity);

Everything worked fine. Let's see if I can whack out a quick patch.

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Here we go...

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Edit: don't use this patch.

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Submitting patch that doesn't use sites/all/modules path to work better with makefiles and profiles.