Okay, I am stuck with updating Drupal core.

I read the installation file....but it will not update!

I get the following error:

drupal@drupal:~$ mv drupal-7.22/* drupal-7.22/.htaccess /var/www/
mv: cannot stat `drupal-7.22/*': No such file or directory
mv: cannot stat `drupal-7.22/.htaccess': No such file or directory

this was my instructions:
This will create a new directory drupal-x.y/ containing all Drupal files and
directories. Then, to move the contents of that directory into a directory
within your web server's document root or your public HTML directory,
continue with this command:

mv drupal-x.y/* drupal-x.y/.htaccess /path/to/your/installation

Where would my path be? I tried Downloads/drupal-7.22 but that did not work!


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What version of drupal is installed currently? Not sure how you installed Drupal but if updating is confusing at the moment, perhaps a better idea would be to install 7.22 using Drupal's own installer rather than starting with an outdated version.

if you want to continue with an update:

the files in 7.22 should be extracted from the archive.
followed by copying the new files into the folder that contains the old files.
followed by running update.php

if you aren't comfortable with the command line, you can use an FTP program like filezilla

dos for updating core = https://drupal.org/node/1494290

your path in Ubuntu would be something similar to /var/www/yoursite folder unless you placed all the files in /var/www/ - you should inspect the file system and figure out exactly where your installation resides.

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hello (;

thanks so much for your response. I actually just uninstalled Drupal and installed 7.22. Too much confusion. (: sorry.