We have a situation where we have a date field and are using a secondary "is between" filter and it does not have a label for the "min" field. I'm not clear if this is totally a BEF issue, but I have found a simple way to fix it. So the BEF filter looks roughly like (warning, psuedo-array!):

  '#title' => 'BEF label',
  'min' => array(
    '#title' => '',
    // ...
  'max' => array(
    '#title' => 'And',

So this renders the "min" text field with no label, then the "max" textfield with an "And" label. The patch attached below looks to see if there is a "min" item and adds the title if it's blank. I'm not sure if that's the best way to fix this so let me know.

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Here is how I have patched this to add the label

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I'm experiencing the same issue. Manual application of patch doesn't fix issue for me using current dev release.

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I'm having this issue too. The patch didn't fix it but the hack in #2018173: Numeric between and Date fields in secondary missing titles allowed me to change the labels.

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Shouldn't be the patch like this?

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Issue queue cleanup... My apologies for taking so long to address this issue!

This was fixed in #2018173: Numeric between and Date fields in secondary missing titles. Also related is #2429309: Secondary filters don't display Title and Description.