Hi, I would like to have "sub-groups" in the dropdown of the main menu, like the ones you have in http://tonystar.ru/:


How are the "DRUPAL" and "INSTAGRAM" groups generated? They are created through Drupal normal/core menus?


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-DRUPAL, and -INSTAGRAM in this case are menu header you can create a menu header in Tweme very easy.
Just use character '#' in menu link title for example #Drupal and point link anywhere for example , tweme will create header automaticly for you.

If you want to use divider in main menu just use in menu link title '---' and again point a link anywhere.

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Yeah. Yurii is right. Absolutely ;)

You can also use '~' everywhere in page titles to split page title in title and subtitle.

For example node title "Fielder ~ Field embedding input filter for Drupal" will produce: http://tonystar.ru/projects/fielder.

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