This is a sub-issue of #1910606: Improve the configurations schemas for Views significantly.


#1866610: Introduce Kwalify-inspired schema format for configuration introduced some config schema coverage for views and #1910606: Improve the configurations schemas for Views significantly extended it, but it is not complete. The changelog leads to (hopefully extensive) documentation on the format at While there are little cleanups planned for the format overall, the current format is a result of months of back and forths, so it should be perfectly fine to apply it more widely to core.

Proposed solution

Figure out the missing pieces that are not yet covered. Write schema file sections for them. Clean up / fix any issues in current schema.

Create a configuration schema for missing view display extender plugins

Schema in place
Please refer core/modules/views/config/schema/views.display_extender.schema.yml

Schema not yet in place


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Seems we have covered this plugin with different name at if it is, then we can use this task to rename views.exposed_form.schema.yml to views.display_extender.schema.yml to keep the name consistent with plugin.

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Well, there are no display extenders coming with views ...

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The two files listed do not exist in the directory lib\Drupal\views\Plugin\views\display_extender :

The display extender plugin is just empty function names. Probably issue needs closing as there is no config to create a schema for?

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Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)

we don't have this plugins and we can close this.