Twitter, among other OAuth providers, can supply long-term access tokens for use with their API.

We need to support this option, by storing these tokens in the importer settings for example.


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Hey thanks for your work!
I like many others are scrambling to get some feeds up and running again that relied on Twitter very easy that recently went away.
I read your article here

and was wondering if you could elaborate on this step

"I manually added an entry to the feeds_oauth_access_tokens table, with the tokens that were handed to me by Twitter on my application page"

Sounds like a good work-around until this issue's functionality gets implemented into the module.

[edit] Mostly just what are good values to put in the fields that aren't token and token_secret

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I just inserted a new record in the feeds_oauth_access_tokens table that Feeds OAuth uses to check for existing tokens. The contents I inserted were:

* uid => the Drupal uid corresponding to the Twitter user doing the API calls
* oauth_token, oauth_token_secret => the values given to you by Twitter on your app page in the "Your access token" section
* site_id => the Feeds OAuth site id as specified on the importer settings page

All the rest can be left as default. Hope this helps!

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Cool think I got that part working. No more error messages, but I keep getting 'no new nodes' though when I import, where's the best place to output the JSON results coming back from twitter?
{edit} found it please ignore.

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This can be implemented by introducing a new module feeds_oauth_tokens (within feeds_oauth) that does the following:

* Allow admin to enter site-wide access tokens (per site_id)
* Allow users to enter their personal access tokens (per site_id)
* Implement hook_feeds_oauth_authenticator to return above tokens