Hello ive a clean(ish) install of drupal. Ive been using TVI for a few years and im quite familiar with its set up. cloned tax view etc, no depth. Made it the default view and i am getting this error across all my views. Saw a few issues similar to this but differant line numbers. Line 248 is....

 if (is_object($view) && is_object($settings) && $settings->status) {
    $display = $settings->display;

It it me or TVI thats cocked up? thanks


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tried a few things with this but still cant seem to get rid of this error. It shows on all pages even node pages. updated to dev version but problem still happens. I'd love to sort it as its been really holding me back. all help much appreciated thanks.

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This looks like a duplicate but I cannot find the original bug :'(

Is the module working ? If it is, ignore this error, it is just a notice. If it is not, I am sorry I have no time to fix it for now...

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Sorry Duael i seem to have it working now if i just dont touch the default view. I dont have many tax terms so it seems ok just to not touch the default settings when installing the module. If i go near them it creates this error but ust choosing the view per term seems to let it work ok. I thinkt he problem is with the default view.

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any Solutions?

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Status: Active » Fixed

I just added this to dev, I would expect it to eliminate the PHP error.

if (is_object($view) && is_object($settings) && isset($settings->status) && $settings->status) {

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed - issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.