Somehow the settings of directories in the configuration of IMCE is pointing to {root}/. which lets met start in the private_files directory but not in the (public) files directory.
I couldn't figure it out where to change this. I tried to set a path to the files directory with {root}/.. but Drupal would not allow me.

Anybody having a clue ?

PS read < where i used {


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As far as I can tell, when the IMCE file browser is loaded through the request path /imce, the root of the file directory tree will be either the public or private files directory as selected on Admin > Configuration > Media > File system, under the "Default download method".

This can be controlled by adding the desired file system as a component to the request path -- i.e. if the path is /imce/public, the root will be the public files directory, and likewise /imce/private will load the private files directory. Unfortunately in common use cases (opening IMCE from the CKEditor button or on the path /user/[uid]/imce) you have no control over the request path...

See this issue: #1700438: Why force IMCE to use default file system?