I know my title probably doesn't meet exactly what I mean but I just couldnt find any other way of making a title.
I´m using the Views module, and want to change some styles in a block I´m creating, but naturally want to display different things depending on what interface the viewer is on (wide, narrow, standard) so how can I specify the look of the block on each interface, I know it cant be on the global css file cause it would do the same to all of them.

Obviously I´m kind of new to both Drupal and Omega.


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Read this section of the documentation: https://drupal.org/node/1298700 it explains everything you need to know. The tldr; version will be:

There are several stylesheets in your css folder:

  • global.css = global
  • yoursubthemename-alpha-default.css = default
  • yoursubthemename-alpha-default-narrow.css = narrow
  • yoursubthemename-alpha-default-normal.css = normal
  • yoursubthemename-alpha-default-wide.css = wide

The layer structure of the default responsive css files is (from bottom to top): global → default → narrow → normal → wide . As the media queries respond with the browser width, the css files are either stacked on or taken off in the order listed above. For example, a media query of normal will stack up global, then default, then narrow, and lastly normal.

So use the different stylesheets to style accordingly to your needs.