How to make the main menu align with logo in AT sub theme .I tried enabling the main menu in blocks in header but the menu is displayed vertically with bullets and it is repeated horizontally below it


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If you want to limit yourself to only one menu, in AdaptiveTheme there is a check box at the bottom of the theme Settings page (admin > settings > your AT_subtheme's name) that allows you to disable the default menu. Then you can use a more versatile menu module such as Nice Menus or Superfish to achieve drop-down menus with ease. And the menu blocks generated by either of these modules can be placed in the regions where the Mobile Menu Toggle feature can be activated. At least, I believe both are compatible with the mobile menu toggle feature.

Once you have your menu horizontal (if that is what you wanted), use Firebug or a similar tool to identify the CSS selectors to affect that menu. You'll find tons of useful CSS selectors already detailed in the AT_yoursubtheme/css/global.styles.css file. Really nice helpers in all the css files, put in there by Jeff Burnz.