AT Core currently wraps a comment's creation date in a link to the comment itself. This doesn't seem semantically correct (I could be wrong on that point!) but it is also a duplication of the link that wraps the comment's title.

While not directly a problem, it can also make integration a bit more difficult for other module's (such as Timeago) or subthemes (such as Commons Origins) which try to utilize $vars['created'] for their own purposes.



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A patch to remove the link from around a comment's creation date.

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This patch fixes html content being rendered as plain text in links as described in #1838928: Timeago display displays HTML on comments

Marking as RTBC.

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OK, I'm cool with this, I have committed the patch (attributed). Cheers!

FTR: semantics, well, the idea was it replaced the permalink variable which I removed because I hate it - this is how Wordpress used to do permalinks back in the day and I always like it.

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Automatically closed - issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.