Would be epic if a breakpoint was created through ctools plugin system instead of very custom as it is right now.
Because then I could create my own breakpoint groups which breakpoint that break on javascript stuff instead of just plain css media queries.

And also replace the loading of breakpoints with:

An example use case:
I have responsive layouts that changes according to some stylesheet, and to that layout I want to add a picture, and not know about how big it should be, I just want it to fill the width of the column it is rendered in right now but keep the aspect ratio or something else.
Actually I have multiple different layouts, and I do not want to have an image display for all of the different layouts and column sizes.
I just want a display that has the knowledge of how it should render the current image when it can fit inside a particular column width.


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Any change you can start working on a patch?

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I might consider it for tomorrow. I'll see if I can post a patch of what I did. :)

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